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1. I found out about the diet program by visiting their web site here: The sales page was very glitzy and showed some fantastic before an after pictures and I admit I got suckered into buying it. like a fool.

2. Anyway, once I had signed up for it (I did a 28-Day order)- the woman's program that is - I could not wait to get started but it took 5 days and came via UPS.

3. When the meals arrived they were very nicely packaged with mouth watering pictures of the meals on the front of the packaging so it was a little disappointing to discover that my "Scrambled Eggs - Smoke Flavor" was bland ! However, I decided to persevere, you see, I have just stopped taking sugar in my tea and I thought I would never get used to that but today I love it just as it comes so I decided to give it a go.

4.After the first 2 weeks I had lost 10lbs , yes I was and still am overweight, but that initial loss of weight was such a great feeling and my meals were a lot more varied than I was used to. Being single you don't tend to cook loads.

5. I have been on it for 11 weeks now and I have lost 28lbs and to be honest not everything tastes great, then again I am not a great cook either but I have stuck with the diet program and it has been so so convenient that I would have no problem recommending it to you.

6. No diet program system is for everyone, you have to commit so if you are not a sticker or if you have a tendency to flit from one plan to another then this one is not for you.

7. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a convenient way to lose weight that'll not drive you up the wall like a heroin addict doing cold turkey or a smoker giving up his cigarettes, then look no further, you need and deserve the NutriSystem Now!

NutriSystem Review By Edna Wharry
Hi, My name is Edna Wharry and I hope my Review helps you make up your mind about the Diet Plan.


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