Average Weight Loss With NutriSystem

There are plenty of people who swear by the diets and weight-loss programs that they’ve tried. Each plan promises the best and most effective results for those who subscribe to them. One of these plans is the NutriSystem program, which is increasingly becoming popular even to celebrities. Tori Spelling, Marie Osmond and former N Sync member Joey Fatone are some of NutriSystem’s most famous supporters. The most common questions asked about the NutriSystem is “What is the average weight loss”; “What makes this system unique” and “Is the end result worth the money” well, let me answer you.

First, a short look into the program. NutriSystem allows you to follow a 28-day plan where your food portions are controlled and your “bad” carbohydrates are replaced with good ones. The program lets you choose from its meal-plan selection on what suits you best. It also provides you with the pre-packaged meals according to what plan you choose. The good thing is you will also have the privilege of choosing what the food may be included to complete the diet. These pre-packaged meals are easy to prepare that you don’t need to do much to have a complete hearty meal. You can also supplement these meals with your favorite fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and some dairy products in order for it to a well-balanced meal. These meals, however, are to be taken according to the meal planner that comes with it to reach maximum results.
People who rave about NutriSystem’s effectiveness have reached their weight goals through one of the program’s calorie plans that is included with the package that you order. The calorie plans include the 1000, 1200 and the 1500 that will be equivalent to the food that is provided for you. Regardless of the plan that you choose, you will still follow the same number of meals for your daily needs. These calories are also provided in controlled portions so it saves you time to measure the amounts yourself. If you stick to the regimen, you can lose as much as 55 pounds in 4 months, as what one satisfied customer claims and even keep the weight off. Others lose about 25 pounds in two months, but that is if you’re not too much into following the diet strictly, especially with all the temptation of food around. There’s one consumer who lost about seven pounds, but that was done alongside eating food that he was used to before actually going on the diet.
The average weight loss through NutriSystem depends on the lifestyle and the attitude of the consumers. If you find yourself truly determined and can still spare some time for exercise, you can shed off that 50 plus pounds in no time. But if you want to take care of your weight problems a little more realistically, you should set your sights on losing at least five pounds at a steady pace. If you push through with the diet, remember that you shouldn’t rely on the program alone. You also got to put in a little extra leg work to achieve what you want.