Where Others Fail The NutriSystem Diet Succeeds?


Truth be told here – it is not the diet that is failing it is the dieters inability to stick to the diet.

These days with so many diet programs to choose from it is hardly surprising that 4 out of every 5 fail – some even say that that figure is low – so what’s the problem and more importantly what should you do about it?

Reasons Why

Here are just a few reasons why diets fail.

Addiction, yes addiction hardly anyone mentions it but is it not natural for your body to rebel when you starve it of nutrients and minerals that you have been literally spoon feeding it for years – just like trying to stop smoking giving up some of your favorite things will unquestionably lead to hunger pangs and cravings.

Some of the programs are just plain bland with nothing to offer those of us who enjoy our food and more importantly the eating experience. They fail to take into account that some of us don’t just look at food as a fuel source.

Diets fail because we rebel and we don’t have a system in place to support us when we’re not in the mood to stick to our plan. It’s a lonely old road dieting. Without a buddy or a support system you are probably doomed from the start so why not grab a fat (fattish friend – don’t tell them that) and get them to join the program with you – it makes it fun and more of a competition.

They fail because people participate in them for the wrong reasons, which are therefore never addressed – so make sure you are very clear on why you want to diet and be very sure of your commitment to do it.

Ok then, lets all count the value of every little thing we eat and when we tot up the score at the end of the day let’s all be very very disappointed at what we have NOT achieved – uhhhh – get a grip – as a means of motivation this has to be pretty low, there just has to be a better way to pat yourself on the back!

Food type exclusion is another big turn off. Don’t select a diet that does not allow you to eat at least a little of your favorite foods. For example if you love and adore steak don’t go on a diet that bans it!

Diets fail to address the people’s emotional problems – their low self-esteem makes them reach out for food as a comforter. When that feeling grabs hold try substituting it with exercise – you’ll find the gloom lifts.

Probably the main reason is because people cannot overcome their hunger – they suffer from hunger pains and to address that guess what? – they eat. The diet therefore has to solve this by allowing the dieter to snack without impacting on their program.


So there you have it – just some of the reasons why diets fail and now that you have knowledge of them you’ll be much better placed to choose the right one for you.